The best Dancesport student I ever had – by Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer receiving an Award at Dancesport Kingdom.

The best dance student I ever had.


DK Ballroom Instructor Jennifer Jackson writes about her favourite Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American dance student.


 The best Dancesport student I ever had.

"The best student I ever had was a couple!
Actually two couples. Husbands and wives who had very specific goals for learning to dance. They were absolute beginners but they were committed to learning to dance Ballroom together as a couple.


One of the couples was going to dance at their son’s wedding and wanted to learn the Latin American dance, the Rumba. They learned a basic rumba routine but danced it well and nailed it at the wedding.
I gained as much satisfaction in teaching them as they did when they conquered the routine!  It was wonderful to see the joy on their faces when they executed the steps satisfactorily and then to see theIr confidence start to build.
And then the moment when you see them realise that they can dance. No question about that at all, I can dance Ballroom!!. It’s a buzz.
I love it when newbies come to the studio and say “I can’t dance any Ballroom or Latin American”. I reply, “yes you can and you will!!” Then we can have a laugh together and get on with the business of learning.
The second couple wanted an activity that they could do together as a couple and Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American dancing is a fabulous way to do that.
They were keen and enjoyed their times on the Ballroom dance floor, learning together and enjoying the wonderful feelings that dancing can evoke.
Ballroom dancing for me is pure joy, even when it’s hard, it’s still the best. This is what I want to convey to my students, and what I want my students to feel when they dance.
I love all my students and maybe it was more to do with my own confidence but they are my best students so far.
I loved watching their evolution from doubt to dancing.
Keep on dancing (and smiling)."