My biggest mistake on the competition floor – by Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer performing with her competition partner Frank at the Australian Dancesport Championships.

My biggest mistake on the Dancesport competition floor.


DK Ballroom Instructor Jennifer Jackson describes a real problem for competitive Dancesport performers.


My biggest mistake on the Dancesport competition dance floor.
Yes I know you are probably picturing hundreds of possibilities, Stop that.
Believe me there have been plenty of my mistakes on the dance floor that I could choose from, but the worst one was to do with food.
The lack of it!
Getting up soon after 4am to get ready for a dancesport competition did not leave any time to eat breakfast. Oh well, no problem I thought, I'll put a few snacks in my bag.
But the dancesport competition moved so fast there was hardly time to get changed between dances, or checking for results, and I forgot to eat again.
The last dance (this was in the afternoon) was the Cha Cha Cha. Why did it have to be the Cha Cha Cha, so energetic and fun? My nemesis.
Out on the dance floor and my body just gave up. My legs felt like they weighed a ton and I could barely move. Apologies to my poor dance partner.
What an embarrassment. But also a very important lesson learned.
Food provides energy.
I really love to eat and enjoy good, healthy food. But I can’t eat much when I am doing any exercise. I do much better on just a little, but none at all was not a good idea.
Everyone has different challenges and one of mine is finding the right food to eat that does not upset the gut but provides the energy required to really move.
Any suggestions would be grateful accepted.
Keep on dancing (and eating)   Jennifer