My First Dancesport Competition – by Frank Proctor

Frank competing with his wife Debbie at Diamond Jubilee Dancesport Championships

"My first Dancesport Competition"


DK Ballroom Instructor Frank Proctor shares a story about his first ever Dancesport Competition.


"My First Comp

As of today, August 2020, It looks like there won't be any competition dancing for sometime due to Covid-19.  However, when competition dancing does recommence I would encourage new dancers to give it a try.  The recreational Dancesport competition section is fun and not expensive.  For beginners, there is a competition open for you to dance with your teacher and this is how I first tried out competition dancing.

Two memories stand out when I think of that first competition.  I was so nervous  I can remember actually asking my competition Dancesport coach teacher Suzie how the dance started while we were waiting to go onto the floor!.  I knew the dance was to be the New Vogue style “Merrilyn” but I couldn't remember how it started!

I can also remember being awarded 2nd place (2ND Place!) in the Latin American dance, the Rumba. You could have knocked me over with a feather!  After collecting my ribbon I asked Suzie:  “How on earth did I get 2nd place?”

She replied: “Except for first the placed dancers and us, all the others probably danced out of time.”

It was then that I realized, if you go out and have fun, dance the dance correctly and in time, you may actually win.  It was a revelation!"

Frank Proctor.