We love Christmas!

This year is going to sparkle that little more. They'll certainly be plenty of social Ballroom dancing for you to stretch your legs, practice your dancing, immerse yourself in the music, as well as meet some new friends. But you can also take a break, sit back and relax and be inspired by our top competition couples who fresh from the Australian Dancesport Championships can't wait to perform for you , in full Dancesport costume. Some of these couples take up to three lessons per week, and practice countless hours to fulfil their love of Ballroom dance, and there is nothing they like more than to perform for those who love watching. Spoil yourself to a night of dance, inspiration and romance. A Christmas Romance.

Escape the Christmas crazy!

Perfect for singles and couples, you'll enjoy cabaret seating so you can bring along drinks and nibbles if you like, and immerse yourself in a romantic and elegant evening of Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American dancing.