Let your hair down and party!

The Award Presentation Ball is a sparkly and inspiring social ballroom dancing event where you can come along and dance the night away practicing what you are learning in your lessons. As well, throughout the evening any student who has completed their Award Performance that day will perform an Honour Dance, and be presented with their Award. For those students who've practiced hard all term it's time to party and celebrate with friends, and make some new ones too!

A DK Social Dance Event...

During the evening couples will take to the floor as the DJ announces the next dance. The dance program is a mixture of Standard Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American so you can spend three hours socialising and dancing the night away. We put out tables for this event, so you can bring along any refreshments you might like to while you rest throughout the evening. For our Award students, it's such a thrilling experience to be rewarded for what they have learnt during the term, and it's uplifting for them to have whole new set of friends cheer them on and celebrate their success.

What do you wear?

The Award Presentation Ball is a formal dance event, so dress up as much as you like. This is the perfect time for the dinner suit and formal ballgown. And of course, don't forget your dance shoes! The event commences at 8pm and the last Waltz is at 11pm.