Let your hair down and party!

You've worked hard all term and now it's time to party, show the world what you've learnt and try your dancing in a social situation. If you went the whole way and danced your assessment during the day, then this night is when you receive your award and dance an honours dance. Congratulations!

Your achievement, your award.

Dress up, dance the night away, and socialise with friends and classmates. During the evening you'll be presented with your beautiful National DanceSport Examinations plaque or trophy. Take it home and show family and friends how much you've learnt. Feel as proud of yourself as we are of you!

Be inspired
we are passionate about inspiring each student to explore, create, collaborate and persevere in the process of learning to dance,
we are passionate about helping our students achieve their own goals, - whether it be a beautiful bridal dance, social dancing confidence,, fitness, a dance award level, or competition success.
Love dance
we are passionate about developing each student’s dance skills in such a way that we instill a love for dance that grows deeper and stronger with each passing year.

"Dancing refreshes you mind and soul, and at the same time is great cardiovascular exercise. When you dance, it is difficult to think about your other cares of the world. Your mind is focused on the present, your partner and the environment you are in." Andrew, Student

What are the Award Examinations held during the day?

First, know that there is no need to complete the examination in order to join the party in the evening. Everyone is different, and some people love to make goals and knock them down. If this is you, then there is an opportunity at the end of each term to dance the dances you've learnt, with your teacher, and be assessed for your performance. This occurs on the Saturday at the end of term, during the day. The Presentation Ball is in the same evening, especially you to reward yourself and - if you danced during the day - receive your results.

About National DanceSport Examinations

National DanceSport Examinations (NDSE) is Australia's newest dance grading system. Developed by National Champion dancer Monica Fincham, it is the only system is Australia with a standardised syllabus, which ensures your dancing journey is the most comprehensive of any in this country. When you complete a dance course at Dancesport Kingdom, know that you are following an expert dance teaching system that equally will ensure you will develop into proficient and sought after social dancer, a stylish medallist, Dancesport competitor or teacher.