10 steps to becoming a DanceSport teacher.

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A common goal of a passionate Ballroom student is to become a teacher of Dancesport.  With a little planning, a red hot dose of dedication and practice, the ability to study and learn, and a desire to know everything you can about everting Dancesport - I'm here to tell you - YOU CAN!


Here's how.

Step 1  Start taking lessons - as many as you can afford and as many as possible at your favourite Ballroom dance studio.

Step 2 Take as many private dance lessons you can afford from the best teacher you can find.

Step 3 Do Awards and if you can, competition.  This step by step process is the backbone of teaching and you need to achieve AT LEAST up to Gold before you commence your teaching qualifications.

Step 4 Practice as much as you can.  Go to social, get a practice partner.  Practice.

Step 5 Offer to help out in classes and lessons as a partner.

Step 6 Be a helpful, smiling presence around your studio.

Step 7 Be immaculately groomed at all times.

Step 8 Do your teaching qualifications and pass the exam.  You can study in private lessons or join a teaching course.

Step 9 Apply for a teaching position.

Step 10 Start teaching!


Many aspiring teachers miss the fact that many studios are looking for friendly and passionate people to teach dancers.  If you are a loyal and hardworking student, you can achieve teacher level if you work really hard.


Monica Fincham, Owner,






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