I became a Ballroom addict – by Linda Callander

Linda with her professional Dancesport Coach - Leighton

"I became a Ballroom addict !"


DK Ballroom Dancer Linda Callander describes her journey with Ballroom dancing at Dancesport Kingdom


"I love to move to the rhythm of dance music.  If there is a beat I will at least be tapping my toes. I have dabbled with dancing for quite a while now although in a haphazard fashion.   I have tried belly dancing, rock ‘n’ roll and social Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American over the years.  Even tried a year of classical ballet when I was a child.

Around eight years ago I was trying to keep fit at the local gym (again) and decided I had had enough of the classes – so boring - time to go back to dancing as a way to get regular exercise.  So my journey at Dancesport Kingdom began.

I made a few friends at the social Ballroom events and decided to start doing Award group lessons classes.  I thought I might just make it to Gold level.

I have become totally addicted to the lessons, the studio and the performances.

I started dancing just once per week but now dance three to four times a week and have even competed at a few amateur competitions.  After finishing the Diamond level Award I had just started working on the Platinum routines when covid-19 struck.

For me (and probably all the other DK dancers) the worst part of social distancing is not being able to go to my beautiful studio and dance with my friends although my coach, Leighton, is doing a great job bringing dancing to our homes via zoom.

I dream of the day we can dance with partners again."