Why I became a Ballroom Instructor – by Frank Proctor

Frank with his dance partner Jennifer Jackson.

"Why I became a Ballroom Instructor"


DK Ballroom Instructor Frank Proctor writes on the final decision to become a dance teacher.


" When you gain pleasure from an activity and it gives you obvious benefits it is natural to want to share that activity with new people.
After many years of Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American dancing, I started to think about teaching dance. However, I had never quite had the confidence to take that final step and enroll in a teaching course.
Then one night at a Dancesport Kingdom social dancing event, something happened that changed that.I was sitting next to a new Ballroom dancer having a chat.
She was pointing out which of the dancers on the dance floor that she liked watching. It was then that she asked if I was one of the instructors!It was at that moment I knew that I would become a Ballroom dance teacher."
Frank Proctor