Perform your best by choosing music you love – by Cassie Tucker

Cassie performing a spectacular Award.

Perform your best by choosing music you love


DK Ballroom Instructor Cassie Tucker describes how music enhances her performance.


"Perform your best by choosing music you love

I love starting a new Award term.  There is something about going in to that first lesson a blank slate; knowing that right now I know nothing, but at the end of 10 weeks I will have mastered three new Ballroom, Latin America and New Vogue routines and new choreography to match. 

For me though, the most exciting part is choosing three new songs that I feel best represent the dances and choreography I am learning.  Finding the perfect song is so deeply satisfying that I will spend hours listening to new music, dancing through the routines to find the “right” song for my performance.  Once I find that song, I get excited about practicing and I just know that my performance will be great.

Think back to dance socials when your song or “jam” came on.  How did you dance?  Better?  Bigger?  Did your dance turn in to a PERFORMANCE?!  I bet it did!

When choosing music for your routine, look for songs where highlights in the music match highlights in the choreography.  For example, an elongated note to match an Oversway in tango.  Don’t be limited by traditional Ballroom or Latin music either.  Look to other genres like Popular music, Movie or Game scores, Classic Rock, heck that Death Metal song you like might also work!

Whatever song you choose, make sure you are comfortable with it.  (I once chose a Paso Doble song I loved, but was never 100% comfortable with it, so on performance day I quite literally got off on the wrong foot).  Students who choose their own music always surprise me with the massive confidence and energy boost they bring to their lessons when they hear their music played.  On Medal Day, their performance shines!

If you have never selected your own songs for your medal performance and are keen to give it a go, have a chat to your teacher.  They will help you decide what songs work best for each dance and get the music on to the system for you.  But beware of vultures though!  If you choose a song other people like the sound of, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find the whole studio dancing to it too!"