Why Ballroom dancers make better lovers…

Ask Grandma and Grandad how they met and they’ll – more often than not – tell you BALLROOM DANCING. They tentatively glanced at each other from across the crowded ballroom, Grandad shyly strolled over to Grandma and offered his hand. They gently danced with each other and – POW! – they knew this was THE ONE. And they are still together after all these years.

We seem to forgotten some home truths these days. Grandma and Grandad knew the truth – and it’s time we woke up – as after all- we wouldn’t be here but for them meeting at BALLROOM DANCING!

Because Grandma and Grandad knew – Ballroom dancers make better lovers – and here’s why!

1. Ballroom dancers have rhythm. And better still, they know how to keep rhythm with their partner, to stay in sync and move their bodies together.

2. Good Ballroom dancers know how to take the lead, and know when to follow. This is important as two leaders will clash and two followers will never get anything done. Better still, Ballroom dancers initiate – then wait for a response and then follow through. Each movement is calculated to allow for maximum enjoyment for their partner – ALWAYS.

3. Ballroom dancing is about looking after your partner. Ballroom dancers take care with every movement that their partner is looked after, comfortable , and happy.

4. Ballroom dancers are fitter! Even though good dancers make it look easy – dancing requires a high level of fitness. And fit people have stamina – and stamina makes for a great lover!

5. Ballroom dancers have chemistry with their partner. They feel the mood of the moment – a sensual Rumba or a feisty Tango or Paso Doble or a lively and rushed Quickstep. Each dance each moment is different and brings a different emotion.

6. Ballroom dances know how to sweep you off your feet. So much more thrilling than swiping right.

7. Ballroom dancers know how to perform. We may be nervous, but the thrill of performance gets us aroused – but nothing stands in the way of a great performance.

8. Ballroom dancers have great timing. They know just when to make that move of their body, the nuance with their lead, the reaction of their follow.

9. Ballroom dancers study hip action…and practice, and practice, and practice until it is perfect!

Monica Fincham is the Principal of Dancesport Kingdom in Lilydale Melbourne. A competitive ballroom dancer for 17 years she culminated her career at the top of the Professional ranks in Australia. Since opening her studio 10 years ago she has taught 1000’s of adult beginners to dance – and had four weddings and one DK baby- from students at her studio! Think it’s time to get back on the floor? http://dancesportkingdom.com.au/home/adult-beginner-dance/


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