Six ways to keep Ballroom dancing during the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Coronavirus Covid-19 has caused some Ballroom dancers to re-assess attending their dance studios during this time.  However, many Ballroom dancers are  addicted to dance – and the idea of being stuck at home not dancing is filling us with dread.  Plus it’s not just the dancing, it’s our community and friends we’re going to miss […]

10 steps to becoming a DanceSport teacher.

A common goal of a passionate Ballroom student is to become a teacher of Dancesport.  With a little planning, a red hot dose of dedication and practice, the ability to study and learn, and a desire to know everything you can about everting Dancesport – I’m here to tell you – YOU CAN!   Here’s […]

Goal setting as adults.

We are all told to set goals and work towards them throughout life. Most students who walk into DK Dancesport have a goal in mind – to dance at a wedding, on a cruise, complete an award examination, get more confident socially, meet people or compete and win! One of our values is for you to […]

What makes YOU happy?

So much of our lives are spent with ‘must do’s’ and chores of everyday living, and too little time on activities that make us happy. I’m sure you’ll have no problem giving me a list of things that you say will make you happy (or happier)? A new car, lose 3kgs, a promotion at work (or in […]

7 reasons why you should Ballroom dance

As the owner of a dance school I hear a lot of “I always WANTED to learn to dance” or “I want to get back dancing”. Here are 7 reasons why you should dance! (and why I do!) 1. Confidence – When you master steps in Ballroom dancing, even the first step – your confidence skyrockets – and […]

When should you try a Ballroom dancing award?

A Ballroom Dancing Award or Medal is a dance performance, normally with your teacher (or possibly your partner) where you are assessed by an examiner for your dancing.  You are being assessed against the technique of the dance according to the technique books, and also for your characterisation of the dance and your musicality. I […]

What is Contra Body Movement and why is it so important to your Ballroom dancing?

Once you’ve mastered the basic steps of Ballroom lets’s say a Modern Waltz Left Foot and Right Foot Closed Changes, then a very interesting thing happens.  As you relax and feel more confident to dance the steps, your natural body movement starts to return.  The natural body movement I’m referring to is your body’s natural […]

Winning costuming for a Recreational Dancesport Competitor

Winning Recreational Dancesport Costuming   When choosing a costume or outfit for Recreational Ballroom Competition, black seems always to be the colour of choice.  Whilst black is slimming and the traditional ‘Dancesport” colour, it is not the most suitable colour to compliment your dancing in competition.  Black is extraordinarily dull, difficult to see, and to […]

Five reasons why dancing the Tango is easy!

Five reasons why dancing the Tango is easy!   I’ve always wondered why it’s often considered ‘hard’ to dance the Tango.  I think it’s the easiest of the Standard Ballroom dances and here’s why I think dancing THE TANGO is easy!   Of all the Standard Ballroom and Latin American dances, Tango is danced most […]

5 reasons why you should be taking Private Ballroom Dance lessons.

Group Ballroom dance lessons are loads of fun, a great way to mix and mingle with fellow students, and enjoy the camaraderie of the group, make connections within the studio, and learn a few dance steps.   But at Dancesport Kingdom we believe the only way to truly learn Ballroom dancing is within a private […]

Social Ballroom Dance Etiquette – a MUST read before putting your dancing shoes on!

Social Ballroom dancing is one of life’s rare opportunities for pure fun. It is important to remember, however, that social Ballroom dancing is a social activity which requires interpersonal as well as physical grace. Being a considerate and thoughtful dance partner can ensure a wonderful experience. Dance courtesy is even more important than a social […]

The #1 most important thing to remember when you are Ballroom dancing.

We spend a lot of time learning and perfecting the technique of Ballroom and Latin dancing. But, actually the mastering of the skills of Ballroom dance are all aimed towards one goal – being able to express the music with your body beautifully. The very best Ballroom dancers are very serious about mastering the technique – and […]

Flexing your knees in Ballroom dancing.

Flexing or softening your knee joints well is essential to becoming a great Ballroom dancer… But you need to make sure this doesn’t create undue wear and tear, or knee pain.When flexing your knees make sure that your knee flexes right over the top of your big and second toe, that it neither bends towards the […]

How to lift your arms in Ballroom.

Lifting your arms to create a frame for your partner can cause you to lift your shoulders as well … And you do not want to lift your shoulders!Lifting your arms to take up Ballroom or Latin hold with your partner is something we do naturally, however, we tend to lift from our shoulders and therefore […]

How to dance the slow beat in Slow Foxtrot.

The Slow Foxtrot is the most challenging of the Ballroom dances… Particularly because of the “Slow” beat…   Learning how to dance the slow beat in Slow Foxtrot will make all the difference to the way you feel, look and achieve this unique and beautiful dance.  Here are five tips to help you master the […]

What is New Vogue Dancing?

New Vogue Dancing is one of the three Dancesport Styles in Australia, the other two being Ballroom (sometimes called Modern or Standard) and Latin American. Put simply, New Vogue Dancing is an uniquely Australian style of sequence Ballroom dancing. What that means is that each particular New Vogue dance has it’s own set of steps, […]

How to count Slow Foxtrot music – made easy!

Finding the rhythm in Slow Foxtrot music can be a challenge… But learning how to count Slow Foxtrot music is essential to dance it well…   Take a look at this video to help you practice how to count, and then head to our DK music to practice counting yourself.   Monica Fincham is a […]

How to count Rumba music – made easy!

Finding the rhythm in Rumba music can be a challenge… But learning how to count Rumba music is essential to dance it well…   Take a look at this video to help you practice how to count, and then head to our DK music to practice counting yourself.   Monica Fincham is a Australian Dancesport […]

5 tips for a polished Ballroom Tango

Dance the Ballroom Tango and look like a professional dancer with these 5 tips! Ballroom Tango is the most passionate of the Ballroom dances…   And if you can master these tips- you’ll be able to feel and create the distinctive Tango look and staccato rhythm required to look accomplished.   Ballroom Tango is danced below […]

Mastering hip action in Rumba – for beginners

But using these simple tips – you can commence feeling the music with your body and look and feel more sexy with Rumba Hip Action in your dancing. Firstly,  everyone can do hip action, and most of us have actually done it inadvertently in day to day life at some time.  Stand like you are waiting […]

Help! My husband is jealous of my Ballroom dancing!

Ballroom dance jealousy is an all to common phenomenon…And it can seriously affect both your relationship with your life partner and also your enjoyment of your ballroom dancing.  Many married people choose to pursue Ballroom without their husband or wife, and this can cause jealously and fights within the household.  If you are married but have […]

50 ways to become a brilliant Ballroom dancer…

Ballroom dance can be challenging to master, but follow these tips to fast track your improvement. Practice – don’t just rehearse Take medal classes Take as many private dance lessons as you can afford Find a dance partner Compete in Dancesport Listen to what your teacher asks Challenge yourself Social dance Attend technique classes Don’t […]

Social, medal or competition Ballroom? What’s the difference?

Here’s quick run down on what type of Ballroom you should try – depending on your personality and you goals.Social Ballroom -this type of class is aimed at students  wanting to learn to dance at social events.  To be able to ask different partners to dance and be able to lead and follow each partner […]

How much should you practice Ballroom dancing?

It’s common to admire Ballroom and Latin American champions as they dance and pass off their extraordinary dancing as ‘talent’.  But you couldn’t be more wrong.  Read below and find out how much you should practice Ballroom dancing.Underestimating the amount of time and effort, of personal and family events missed, of the hours and hours […]

5 tips to keep your marriage alive from a ballroom champion

Ballroom dancing can keep your marriage alive.  Picture the two of you out at a dinner dance. A slow, romantic song comes on and there’s a little dance floor in the corner, dark and beckoning.  An elderly couple take the floor and you can bet they met balloon dancing.  They’re a little stiff in their […]

Ballroom dancing No 1 activity to beat Alzheimers.

 It has been known for a long time that Ballroom dancing is a beneficial activity in regards to health. But only recently has the correlation between health and Ballroom dancing been seriously studied, and there are more than just the physical benefits!  In regards to beat alzheimers and dementia, it has proven to come out on top!A […]

When should I start Ballroom dancing?

  Says no one – EVER.What I hear more often than not is a desire that students wished they had started earlier – even as children   – as they grow to love the exercise, movement and creativity this activity allows. But whether we start as kids, in our 40’s or well into our 60’s I’m confident […]

Is it important to attend Ballroom dancing Masterclasses?

It’s true that when we start Ballroom dancing the most important aspect of our learning is to master the step pattern – or Foot Positions as your teacher will no doubt have explained.  But there is a stage where – in order to become the most delightful dance partner – it’s important to hone our […]

Is the lady leaning back in Ballroom dancing?

 No (it just looks like she is!)    1 Even though it looks suspiciously like the lady is leaning well back in Ballroom dancing, and you wonder if she gets a sore neck, back or even how she moves that way – this is actually just an illusion. Rather than leaning back, the lady is stretching […]