Ladies – keep your right side closed!

Ladies: Keep your right side closed to your man! Ballroom dancing is tricky compared to other partner physical recreational activities …primarily because we are moving whilst in actual physical contact with another person. And to make things more difficult, it is our fronts that are attached.  It would be far easier if we could face the […]

Life Stages and Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing at different Life Stages People from all walks of life choose to commence Dancesport, but there does seem to be certain times in our lives when starting Ballroom, Latin American and New Vogue dancing seems most right.  Below are the six life stages that most attract people to Dancesport. Engaged couples.  Dancing a […]

DK CovidSafe Summer

DK Dancer Guidelines – From 9th Dec 2020: The following guidelines are for all Dancers who attend the Dance Kingdom Studio for classes or practice sessions.  These have been developed in line with current Victorian Government guidelines and will be reviewed as circumstances change. Important: If you have ANY cold or flu symptoms in the […]

Back to the Ballroom – Managing Mirror Shock

Back to the Ballroom – Managing Mirror Shock Looking at the post-Covid you in the wall to wall of mirrors might trigger some returning dancers as restrictions on dancing lift and Ballrooms open up.  Self loathing at your lack of control during lockdown  -where you consoled yourself with food or alcohol, or busied yourself with […]

Why being skinny might make you lose!

Why being skinny might make you lose! by Monica Fincham Dancesport competition is as much aesthetic as athletic, and it’s not uncommon to hear a coach suggest to a competitor to lose weight.  But do you really need to be skinny to compete in Dancesport, and will you be more successful if you are thinner? […]

The Glamour Machine

The Glamour Machine Many people are captivated by the glamour that is Ballroom dancing, in particular  Dancesport competition, so much so that Julie McMain wrote a whole book about it called Glamour Addiction. In the book she calls Dancesport, the ‘Glamour Machine’. Glamour, defined as “an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or […]

Online Lesson #10: A Quickstep Trickstep

Click here to view your lesson Time to do some small space quickstep! Join Angelica and David Rose – as they guide you through a super fun Quickstep “Trick” step that you can do in the kitchen and get your heart rate up! This online dance lesson series is to help you to keep dancing […]