How to ask someone to dance – by Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer pictured with her dance partner Frank.

How to ask someone to dance


DK Ballroom Instructor Jennifer Jackson writes about how to ask someone to dance.

How to ask someone to dance

Hi everyone - Disclaimer required- this is definitely my personal opinion.
How to ask someone to dance?  Use your words!!
I appreciate it when a gentleman actually asks me to dance.
Please don’t just approach me with your hand out. Don’t approach me with your hand out and a smile on your face (still not good enough).
Don’t approach me with your hand out, a smile on your face, and a quick raise of your eyebrows.
(I will still dance with you but I really want to hear your words.)
What is even better, if you know my name, then you can use that when you ask me to dance.
(We all love the sound of our own names).
The top pick is if you use my name and also use the name of the dance eg.,
"Jennifer, would you dance the Merrilyn with me?”
Perfect. And very cool.
My response, “Yes I would love to, thank you for asking”.
(The funny thing is, if you don’t use your words in asking me to dance, it is likely that I won’t respond with words either! A bit awkward really.)
Seems like a small thing but it has great results. Good manners often dwell in the small things.
We all feel good about ourselves at the end of that type of interaction. We'll walk on the floor with a smile on our faces, a bounce in our steps, and communication and conversation will have already started.
For me dancing is many things, but it is always about respect, trust, etiquette, and good manners. That is part of its attraction.
And of course, women can use the same approach too."