Dancesport Kingdom – a poem by Allana Bettess

Allana Bettess


Right in the middle of Covid-19 Lockdown 2.0, gorgeous DK dancer Allana Bettess sent this poem about our studio, and it's wonderful community.

esperate to get back to dancing;

A nxious not to forget skills already learnt;

N ever going to stop dancing;

C an’t wait until the studio doors reopen;

E ager to learn more from Leighton online;

S tudying videos on the app and YouTube;

P lanning ahead for new dances to learn;

O ptimistic that we’ll be back dancing together again;

R eady to waltz and to jive with a partner;

T rying to practice solo at home;


K eeping in touch via online dance classes;

I mpatient to move to the beat and the rhythm;

N ot giving up on the dream to dance soon;

G etting ready to return as soon as allowed;

D ance shoes at the ready, all set to dance;

O ver this isolation that’s keeping us apart;

M issing the music, the dancing, the friendships…


David Rose
Studio Manager


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