7 reasons why you should Ballroom dance

ballroom dancing award
As the owner of a dance school I hear a lot of "I always WANTED to learn to dance" or "I want to get back dancing".
Here are 7 reasons why you should dance! (and why I do!)
1. Confidence - When you master steps in Ballroom dancing, even the first step - your confidence skyrockets - and that feels amazing!
2. FUN - where else today can you leave your worries at the door - take hold of an attractive partner and move your body with theirs to amazing music? Dancing is pure fun!
3. Exercise - that doesn't feel like it is! Kiss your gym membership goodbye and say hello to a cardio workout like no other and a new toned body.
4. Courage -   Learning or coming back to Ballroom dance takes courage for some. Take the plunge! We promise we'll look after you. After you do it - you'll feel ALIVE
5 Release Stress - as I write this I've just listened to a podcast which claimed that stress is now ok and makes us more productive. Whatever! What I will say that is after immersing yourself in movement to music for a few hours - learning steps and talking to like minded people - the 'stressful' world outside fades for a while - and that feels refreshing.
6. Beat Alzheimers - YEP! Science says so - dancing is the No 1 way!
7. Maybe you actually can!
 Our dance program is a little different, and very successful. With your private or group lessons, and unique program, you'll find it is perfect for you to learn and achieve your dancing goals.

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