50 ways to become a brilliant Ballroom dancer…

Try these tips and watch your Ballroom dancing skyrocket!

Ballroom dance can be challenging to master, but follow these tips to fast track your improvement.

  1. Practice - don’t just rehearse
  2. Take medal classes
  3. Take as many private dance lessons as you can afford
  4. Find a dance partner
  5. Compete in Dancesport
  6. Listen to what your teacher asks
  7. Challenge yourself
  8. Social dance
  9. Attend technique classes
  10. Don’t argue with your teacher
  11. Read the technique books
  12. Become physically fit
  13. Take up pilates
  14. Do a dance teachers course
  15. Make sure you always have impeccable personal grooming.
  16. Don’t fight with your dance partner
  17. Don’t give up
  18. Accept imperfections as you are learning
  19. Stop comparing yourself to others
  20. Compare yourself to yourself - yesterday.
  21. Become more flexible
  22. Keep persevering
  23. Join a stretch class
  24. Treat your partners with kindness
  25. Turn up on time
  26. Eat a healthy diet
  27. Work 99% on yourself and 1% on your partner
  28. Have a lesson from a tough teacher and ask them how you feel to dance with
  29. Be patient with progress
  30. Attend dancing competitions
  31. Get inspiration from other styles of dance - ballet, flamenco
  32. Never pull or push your partner
  33. Never fight with your partner - verbally or physically.
  34. Master foot positions first.
  35. Get a stronger core
  36. Dance 3 - 4 time per week - 2 -3 hours each time
  37. Go online and watch overseas champions
  38. Perfect your rise and fall.
  39. Rather than earn yet another dance - learn to dance the ones you know more beautifully
  40. Stick with your coach until they tell you you are ready to move on
  41. Never criticise your partner
  42. Be realistic with your expectations
  43. Take up yoga
  44. Practice rise
  45. Watch advanced dances for inspiration - but don’t lose heart.
  46. Learn to isolate your hips, shoulders, ribs and back.
  47. Praise your dance partner - a lot
  48. Become stronger - join the gym
  49. Learn music and rhythm
  50. Always be grateful you have a dance partner

Monica Fincham is a ballroom champion and former competitive dancer and the owner of Dancesport Kingdom in Lilydale, Melbourne, Australia.  

"Becoming a beautiful ballroom dancer is not really different from any other physical pursuit - we get better through dedicated, intelligent practicing, through turning up week after week, year after year, and through the sheer love of it"

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