5 tips to keep your marriage alive from a ballroom champion

Couples who dance together....

Ballroom dancing can keep your marriage alive.  Picture the two of you out at a dinner dance. A slow, romantic song comes on and there's a little dance floor in the corner, dark and beckoning.  An elderly couple take the floor and you can bet they met balloon dancing.  They're a little stiff in their movements, but the way they hold each other is the way you want to feel ...again.

There's a way.

  1.  Ballroom dancing puts trust back into your relationship.  Right from the start - I make sure in my classes that the gents are leading and the ladies responding and reacting to his body movements.  He must navigate the edges, chairs and other couples, and she must allow him to.
  2. Ballroom dance makes the ladies feel safe, and cared for.  Learning to Ballroom dance is more than just learning steps and moving to music.  In Ballroom dance the gent not only takes the lead but makes sure that every movement, and in every turn his lady is safe.  He never pushes or pulls her, he simply guides her.  After a time, she feels safe in his arms.
  3. In Ballroom dance you work in a partnership, just like in your marriage so far.  Don't be fooled into thinking the lady has a passive role.  She is in full charge of everything she does, and in every way she reacts to his movements.  Together, you can move more , and more beautifully, than you can alone. When you realise this, you start to appreciate each other's role and the strength of working in a partnership.
  4. Ballroom dancing is intimate and sexy.  Or fun and spontaneous. Or serene and flowing.  Every dance and every price of music has a feeling, a passion that reflects you and your unique partnership.  You go on emotional journeys's together through dance.  Music makes your hearts sing together!
  5. Ballroom dance gets you communicating, but with your body rather than with words.  This might be a new way for you when words have started to fail. And as you start to 'speak' to each other in dance, your communication in body language, nuances, emotions, and feelings re awaken as a couple.

Monica Fincham is a ballroom champion and the owner of Dancesport Kingdom in Lilydale, Melbourne, Australia.

"At Dancesport Kingdom, we go beyond teaching couples merely how to dance, and show them how this unique activity can invigorate a relationship"

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