5 tips to encourage your partner to come Ballroom dancing!

The thought of learning to dance is not fun for everyone...

Even though we might love the idea of Ballroom and Latin dancing, our partners might be less enthusiastic. Here are some tips to help persuade them to give it a go, and perhaps add a new spark to your relationship as well!

#1 Compromise

Make the dance more about your relationship and less about your desire to dance. Make each dance session special by combining the time spent with something THEY love. Go out for dinner beforehand or afterwards, offer a massage, or simply sit down and watch their favourite TV show together.

#2 He's the boss.

Girls, let your partner take charge, and right from the beginning, allow him to LEAD YOU. The lady's role is to compliment her partner, to move together with him as one. If the lady concentrates on keeping her body moving seamlessly with her partner, rather than trying to lead, then it becomes far more enjoyable for her partner. Starting with the correct roles at the beginning means that beautiful feeling of partner dancing will be achieved earlier - rather than later.

#3 Have fun.

Learning to dance with our partner can seem daunting, even if it's something we've always wanted to do. You may have a romantic visualisation of the two of you floating together along the floor to beautiful music, however, learning to dance with your partner, rather than a stranger, has it's pitfalls. It is common for us to criticise our partner, especially when things don't go smoothly in the first learning stages. As much as possible, stay positive and encouraging at all times. Remember why you are learning - to have fun - and keep it joyful and relaxed.

#4 Join the right class.

Taking a nervous partner to the wrong dance class can mean a quick end. Start with an easy paced, quieter class first such as the DK #2LF Two Left Feet Adult Dance Course or, go for Private Lessons first. This ensures the two of you can get confident together, with others at the same level as you, before tacking a social dance situation.

#5 Don't be a perfectionist...

Needing to get everything right first time gets in the way of learning to partner dance. Acknowledge tiny improvements as you learn - and suppress you perfectionistic tendencies. Each couple will learn at a different pace - and that's fine. Relax and enjoy each and every moment along the way.

Monica Fincham

Monica Fincham is the owner of Dancesport Kingdom in Lilydale. Over the last 11 years she has taught thousands of adults to dance, at her Ballroom studio in Lilydale, Melbourne, Australia. "Although it seems the most wonderful and natural idea to dance with one's life partner, the challenges that it can brings can sometimes make what should be a pleasant experience into another marriage battlefield. If we want our partner to dance then we need to make this experience wonderful for them, so that it in turn can be delightful for us. If all fails, however, and dance is not for you both, then remember it's healthy for the two of you to have separate interests and hobbies, and reconnect with something you both love doing together. "