3 Myths about Ballroom Dancing for Adults

I often hear adults express a desire to learn dance and then follow it up with one of these statements to ‘prove’ they are right in not pursuing dance lessons.

Below are 3 common myths that Adult beginners express about Ballroom dancing – that have no basis in reality.

Myth #1  “I’d never danced before, but when I tried it was horrible – so I cannot possibly become any good in ballroom dancing.”  This statement couldn’t be further from the truth, many people have doubts when they first start dancing especially if they never danced before.  Yet, with a little confidence, persistence, and determination, many adults not only become good social dancers and develop a good sense of rhythm and movement, but also go on to become so good that they start winning at amateur ballroom dance competitions.

Myth #2  ” I’m too old to start dancing – I needed to have started when I was young”. The fact of the matter is, that many adults who have never danced become good social dancers in as little as six months with consistent practice.

Myth #3 “I’ve got no rhythm so there’s no point for me to try Ballroom dancing.” You can easily learn to hear the beat even if you thought that you have no rhythm.  By starting out small, and learning how to break down music into the quick and slow counts, you will be able to hear and understand the music in no time.

Monica Fincham is a former champion Ballroom dancer who has owned and operate her own dance school in Lilydale, Dancesport Kingdom.

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