Ballroom dancing Melbourne

Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American dancing are one of life's simple pleasures! Nothing gives us greater pleasure than welcoming a new student or dancer to our studio, some who couldn't take even one step when they arrive, and seeing them become enchanted with the music, the creativity, freedom and exceptional experience that is Ballroom dancing with us. Every step of your dancing journey with us is crafted so that your life becomes more enjoyable with the excitement of your weekly dancing lesson, some brand new and amazing friends, and a team of teachers who are there encouraging and supporting you every step of the way.

"Oh my goodness! DK is the friendliest, most welcoming Ballroom studios in Melbourne I have attended!" David

Have you always wished you could Ballroom and Latin American dance? Would being able to Tango excite you? Is learning Jive on your bucket list? Have you tried Ballroom dance group classes before, but something wasn't right - and you still would love to feel confidently on the dance floor at events, rather than watching from your chair? Or, have you been dancing for some time but are still passionate about improving your technique and style?

Guaranteed you'll be dancing in the first lesson!

We make sure that - even if you are a brand new beginner in Ballroom - you'll be dancing from your very first lesson.

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Book your lessons at a time to suit YOU!

We know life is busy and you have many commitments.  So with us, you can book your lessons each week at a time that suits you.

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Unique Teacher/Student matching service.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced Ballroom dancer, it's really important to us that you feel 100% comfortable when you learn with us.  Our teacher/student matching service ensures the best possible teacher is matched to make sure you have the most wonderful dancing experience.

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Where if you come as a couple, you stay as a couple!

It's really important that you learn and dance together as a couple if you have your own dance partner. So we make sure that happens.

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It's no problem if you are single

We have a thriving and welcoming group of dancers and you'll love meeting new like-minded people.

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Learn with ease and confidence

Our stress free teaching system helps you learn quickly, and feel in control and happy every step of the way.

"Dancesport" is the modern name for Ballroom and Latin American dancing. Whether you are single or part of a couple, you'll find new joy as you make friends with like-minded people and experience the most pleasant way to exercise. You'll feel our warm and supportive teachers are your newest friends, experience an uplifting and creative program designed for you to excel (even if you think you have two left feet!), and feel inspired to achieve your Ballroom dancing goals.

"The friendliness of staff and all dancers - a very enjoyable and rewarding experience." Jim

It's NEVER too late to start...

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing our dancers (some who couldn't take even one step when they arrive) find they become captivated not only by the artistry and romance of Ballroom dancing, but they find they are living a more enriched life through Ballroom dancing with us. They discover the confidence to burn the dance floor not only at our social events, but also at weddings, functions and on cruises! And we say 'RUBBISH'! to anyone who says they are too uncoordinated or that it might be too late to start ...our warm and and exceptionally kind teachers adore proving otherwise!

First class artistry.

But we are not only for beginners. If you have been dancing for some time, or perhaps already feel accomplished at Ballroom, our professional team will inspire and challenge you to go further than perhaps you thought possible! Whatever your goals, we are passionate about our high standards of artistry, encourage technical proficiency and support you as you progress. Plus, for Ballroom dancers, we are surprisingly not 'up ourselves'!

You don't need a partner...

It's no problem if you are single! We have a thriving and welcoming social atmosphere that means you'll not only improve your dancing, but gather a whole new set of like-minded friends too. If you are a person who adores music, is fascinated watching people Ballroom dance, are ready to explore more creativity, freedom and passion through experiencing Ballroom dance for yourself, then we can't wait to meet you!

"The team made me feel comfortable from the start, even though I had initial nervousness" Sharyn